Electrical Vehicle Checkout System

Electrical Check Out System, more commonly known as ECOS, is used in the automobile industry to test the electrical circuitry of a vehicle under production. A vehicle typically has more than 40 odd circuits which are to be tested for their operation. ECOS helps in quick testing and systematic reporting of these parameters. This data is stored and is made available for analysis later which is useful for correlating the production test results with field failures, optimising the ratings of various electrical items used in the vehicle and in designing of the vehicle circuitry for optimization. Ajinkya Electronic Systems, the parent company of KVAR was the first company in India to introduce these machines for Mahindra & Mahindra as a part of their poka yoke activity. ECOS are used at both ends of the line testing as well as in assembly level. In vehicles like trucks and commercial vehicles, the vehicle is made in two parts as chassis and cabin. ECOS is used to test these independently making sure that when the two circuits are joined, they would be without any problems.

Calibration Output 12V
Current Range 200 A / 1000 A DC Tong Tester
For Current 150 mV
Resolution 0.1 A in 200 A range,1 Amp in 1000 A range
Voltage Range 20.48 Volts