IOT Products

Internet of Things is the latest technology evolved where devices have ability to transfer data over a network without human to human or human to computer interaction. These devices support a common ‘ecosystem’ within the installation and can be controlled via devices associated with that ecosystem, such as smartphones. These devices need no human interaction and can communicate over the internet, doing away with the concept of local control. This makes it possible to remotely get data at any where in the world and bring multiple installations at the platform or standard of operation. IOT devices are deployed everywhere, where there is a need for remotely monitoring the environment, then be it consumer applications like home security to air quality monitoring or be in industrial environments where process parameters are monitored or in a more complex situation the whole production information is gathered. KVAR Tech has been involved in development of embedded systems which have been taking over the net ever since the concept was evolved. Almost all products offered by KVAR Tech are IoT enabled based on requirement. They can communicate over Ethernet or Wi-Fi with standard protocols like MQTT or HTTP as required.

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