Timer Display shows time in count-up or count-down manner. They have a set point which is user settable. Timings can be in seconds to days. These displays are usually in large size, visible from a distance. Sizes range from 2” to 12”. These Displays find applications in sport events, quiz programs, in countdown of any event like launch of a product, a mega event or events such as launch of rockets. These displays have facilities of power loss compensation as an option so that the time of power failure is taken in consideration.

Usage/Application Industrial
Display Type LED/ LCD/ TFT
Interface RS232/ RS485/ Ethernet TCP/ IP, Wi-Fi, RF, GPRS, Bluetooth
Color Amber/Blue/Green/Red/White
Connectivity Wired/ Wireless
Display Size Customizable
Digit Size 0.5" - 12"
Characters Numeric/ Alphanumeric
Communication Graphical/ Audio
Operation Windows/ Android based PC Software
Protocols Standard ASCII TO MODBUS/ Profibus
Usability Indoors/ Outdoors
Visibility From 10 Ft to 200 Ft depending on the Digit size/ Display Type
Weather-proof Yes