Parking Displays

Car Parking Displays help in regulating parking in Urban Areas, Car Parks, Mall Parking, Hospital Parking, etc. These Car Park Displays can be located at strategic locations such as main entrances, entrance approaches or zone/level transitions such that the vehicle driver will know the availability of spaces in advance and then move to a particular car park location avoiding hassles of locating an empty space. These displays have Wireless connectivity with central/local parking management system by virtue of GSM SMS or GPRS system. Thus the Displays can be updated online and at any given period of time will provide the status in the car parking area. These displays can be customized to meet the need of a client. With additional information, these displays can be used to inform about changes to parking arrangements or to give details about matters of interest or run advertisements etc.

Characters Numeric/ Alphanumeric
Color Amber/Blue/Green/Red/White
Digit Size 0.5" - 12"
Display Size Customizable
Display Type LED/ LCD/ TFT
Interface RS232/ RS485/ Ethernet TCP/ IP, Wi-Fi, RF, GPRS, Bluetooth
Operation Windows/ Android based PC Software
Protocols Standard ASCII TO MODBUS/ Profibus
Usability Indoors/ Outdoors
Visibility From 10 Ft to 200 Ft depending on the Digit size/ Display Type
Weather-proof Yes
Communication Graphical/ Audio
Connectivity Wired/ Wireless