Universal Data logger

Universal data loggers accept inputs from various types of thermocouples, RTD Sensors, mV and mA signals. As they accept a wide range of inputs, they are termed as Universal Data Loggers. Universal Data Loggers are available in various types of enclosures, * DIN size panel mount * IP65 rated polycarbonate enclosures * Flameproof enclosures. Input types can be user configured. Loggers can be connected to PC and monitored with DLOG windows based software as well as can be used with SCADA software.

Type Of Data Logger Digital Data Logger
Usage/Application Industrial
Display 7 Segment LED Display / Graphic LCD Display
Power Supply Battery Operated / AC Mains operated / DC Operated
Memory 32k / 64k / 2MB / USB Flash
Warranty 1 Year
Connectivity RS232 / USB / RS485 / Ethernet TCP/IP
Number of Channels 1/2/4/8/16/32
Enclosure Panel Mount / DIN Size / Wall mount

Model : KV2020

Panel Mount unit

96(H) X 192(W)

16 X 2 Alphanumeric LCD

Model : KV2021

Touch Screen TFT LCD Display

Multiple pages with Online Graph

Web Based Operation

No Software required

Graphical Data Logger

Graphic Data Loggers show parameter readings in a colorful and graphical manner. Usually, Data Loggers are available with either LED or alphanumeric LCD displays. The readings of Graphic Data Loggers are visually appealing and easy to understand. The change in color when parameter value is not within acceptable limits generates a visual alarm. Graphical loggers show trend graphs enabling the User to see at a glance, the variation in the values of the parameter. In certain applications like the furnace or profile controllers, the parameter value follows a certain equation with time. Using trend graph users can cross-check the history and this is often related to the quality of the product under process.

Graphical Data Loggers are available with a touch screen option. Graphic logger provides more user-friendly data representation which is easy to comprehend, aesthetic and attractive.

SMS Data Logger

Data Loggers log values at periodic intervals. They also have a facility to program alarm values. This Data Logger can send periodic SMS to predefined numbers. This is useful in plant maintenance as well as in applications like furnaces where the material is to be baked at a particular temperature profile. Periodic SMS can give the health status of the process to the supervisor as well as alerts when the parameters exceed the safe limits. SMS can be generated using a SIM card or it can be generated using web service if WiFi connectivity is available. These loggers are available in universal input or dedicated inputs.

GSM Data Logger

Data Loggers / Scanner are electronic instruments that capture and record data.Data loggers can monitor and record physical parameters, such as temperature, humidity, pressure, and liquid flow. They also record electrical parameters including voltage & current.

GPRS / GSM based data loggers can be used in remote areas where access is limited and LAN or WIFi connectivity is not available. In GPRS / GSM we can upload the data on cloud as well as we can send an emails to predefined mail ids.