Petrol Rate Displays

These displays show the rate of an item or category of items or service in a presentable easy manner to the customers or consumers. Price/Rate Displays have the ability to show the market rate to consumers in real-time. Rates can be even updated via mobile app. These displays show rates in a bright, eye-catching, attractive colors so that consumers can immediately know the pricing. These displays can also be used for advertising purposes. Price / rate displays find applications in commercial premises like petrol pumps/gas stations, hospitals, malls, shops, banks, financial institutions, travel booking counters. KVAR Tech Price / Rate Displays are elegant, reliable, state of the art and Wifi-IoT enabled. They display pricing digitally in a hassle-free way.

Characters Numeric/ Alphanumeric
Communication Graphical/ Audio
Digit Size 0.5" - 12"
Interface RS232/ RS485/ Ethernet TCP/ IP,Wi-Fi,RF,GPRS,Bluetooth
Operation Windows/ Android based PC Software
Protocols Standard ASCII TO MODBUS/ Profibus
Usability Indoors/ Outdoors
Visibility From 10 Ft to 200 Ft depending on the Digit size/ Display Type
Display Size Customizable
Warranty 1 Year
Waterproof Yes
Connectivity Wired/ Wireless
Display Type LED/ LCD/ TFT