Temperature Data Logger

Thermocouple data loggers accept input from various types of thermocouples. There are two types of Data loggers, one, where thermocouple can be configured on-site, and the other where the type of thermocouple is factory set. These Data Loggers have built-in ambient temperature compensation. Data loggers are configured as per international standards and offer highly accurate readings suitable for industrial applications. Data is stored in internal NVRAM or has the option of SD card storage. Thermocouple data loggers are available in various types of enclosures, DIN size panel mount, IP65 rated polycarbonate enclosures, and flameproof enclosures. Loggers can be connected to PC and monitored with DLOG windows based software as well as can be used with SCADA software. A variety of communication options are available to convey this data over RS485/ LAN / Wi-Fi or USB.

Alarm High/Low/Very High/ Very Low/Common Relay/Two Relays/Individual Channel Relays
Connectivity RS232 / USB / RS485 / Ethernet TCP/IP / WiFI
Enclosure Panel Mount / DIN Size / Wall mount / Hand held / Table Top / Flameproof
Log Interval Minute Seconds / Hours Minutes
Memory 64K / 2MB / SD Card
Protocol Modbus / ASCII
Sensor Inputs RTD / Thermocouple / mV / mA / load cell / Universal / AC Voltage /AC Current
Display 7 Segment LED Display / Alphanumeric LCD Display / Graphic LCD Display
Type Of Data Logger Wireless Data Logger
Warranty 1 Year
No. Of Channels 1 / 2 / 4 / 6 / 8 / 16 / 32
Usage/Application Industrial

MODEL : KV2025

DIN Mount Temperature

Humidity Data Logger

Built in temperature humidity sensor colorful LCD display for readings DIN mount compact elegant enclosure

MODEL : KV2026

Panel Mount temperature

Humidity Data Logger

4 digit 2 row LED display

Membrane keypad for programming