Takt Time Display

Takt time is the German word that explains the tempo or rhythm of production based on the demand of the customer. In a manufacturing set up, it is the time within which a product is produced to meet the target of the shift or a day or a predetermined time interval. As this number is directly related to productivity of a machine or a person, displaying this information can give an idea to the operator or machine supervisor if the production is happening at the right speed or if an appropriate corrective action is required to match the takt time. It also increases morale and generates a competitive atmosphere among the production teams, thus improving overall productivity of the Plant. Thus takt time displays are tools towards increasing the productivity in a manufacturing industry.

Characters Numeric/ Alphanumeric
Communication Graphical/ Audio
Digit Size 0.5" - 12"
Display Size Customizable
Interface RS232/ RS485/ Ethernet TCP/ IP, Wi-Fi, RF, GPRS, Bluetooth
Operation Windows/ Android based PC Software
Protocols Standard ASCII TO MODBUS/ Profibus
Usability Indoors/ Outdoors
Visibility From 10 Ft to 200 Ft depending on the Digit size/ Display Type
Weather-proof Water-proof/ Withstand High Temperatures
Color Amber/Blue/Green/Red/White
Warranty 1 Year
Waterproof Yes
Connectivity Wired/ Wireless
Display Type LED/ LCD/ TFT
Usage/Application Industrial