Scrolling Message Displays

This Scrolling Message Display is extensively used in different commercial places to display messages and important information digitally and hassle-free way. It is a good replacement of traditional notice boards as it delivers messages very efficiently and easily. It is available in different sizes, shapes, designs and color specifications according to the requirements of customers. Scrolling Message Displays are available in various options such as Single Line Scrolling Display, Double Line Scrolling Display, and Multiline Scrolling Display.

Characters Numeric/ Alphanumeric
Color Amber/Blue/Green/Red/White
Digit Size 0.5" - 12"
Display Size Customizable
Display Type LED/ LCD/ TFT
Interface RS232/ RS485/ Ethernet TCP/ IP, Wi-Fi, RF, GPRS, Bluetooth
Operation Windows/ Android based PC Software
Protocols Standard ASCII TO MODBUS/ Profibus
Usability Indoors/ Outdoors
Visibility From 10 Ft to 200 Ft depending on the Digit size/ Display Type
Weather-proof Water-proof/ Withstand High Temperatures
Warranty 1 Year
Frequency 50 Hz
Waterproof Yes
Connectivity Wired/ Wireless