Indicators show values of parameters in a manner that they are visible from a distance. The function of Indicators is to Indicate values or signages digitally. As LED Displays are bright and eye catching, the values or signages can be noticed instantly and from a distance. This enables Users to take timely actions thus avoiding any emergency situations. Indicators are largely used in process control to show values of parameters like temperature, humidity, pressure or electrical parameters like voltage, wattage, current. Information displays find applications in commercial premises like airports, schools, hospitals, malls, shops, banks, financial institutions as well as in all Industries. Why KVAR: KVAR Tech Information Displays are accurate, reliable, state of the art and Wifi-IoT enabled. They display messages and information digitally in a hassle-free way.

1Suitable for Indoor / Outdoor
2Resolutions from 2.5 mm to 10 mm
3Multiple colours viz Red, Parrot Green, Blue, White, Orange
4Various interfaces like RS232 , RS485, Modbus, TCP/IP, WiFi, GPRS for information update
5Possible to automatically update with data generated from ERP
6Can be enabled to provide analysis

Temperature indication

Temperature indication is very crucial in the automation industry. Various types of sensors are used in industry for measurement of temperature ranging from different types of thermocouples as well as RTDs. NTC type sensors are also used for sensing temperatures. Temperature indicators accept inputs from all such types of sensors. Temperature range varies from -199 to 1700 C depending on types of sensor used. These are also available in flame proof, weatherproof IP65 or wall mount enclosures. Sizes of display range from 0.5” to 12”. Unit of measurement can be in degree centigrade or fahrenheit as required.

Jumbo Indicators

In a plant there are many sensors used for measurement of various process parameters.

Considering the area of a plant, the display needs to be much larger than normal 0.5” size displays to be seen from a distance. For this purpose, Jumbo indicators are used. These indicators are available compatible with different types of sensors such as thermocouple, RTD, pressure sensors, humidity sensors, strain gauges or load cells. These displays are available in sizes from 4” onwards to 24” and more if needed.

RPM Indicators

Rotating motors are an integral part of any industry and so measuring speed of the rotating motor is a regular application in industry. RPM indicators indicate the rotations speed in RPM or RPS (Hz) units. A model with programmable factor is also available to show speed in any unit such as meter per minute or liter per minute. These Indicators find applications in the paper industry, textile industry, flow measurement and test apparatuses. RPM indicators accept input directly from NPN or PNP type proximity or opto sensors or switches. It can also accept inputs from encoders.

Mega Watt indicator

Mega watt indicators are used mainly in power plants to display power generated by the plant. These indicators accept input from external power transducers either in 4-20mA or 0-10 or 0-1V range. The values are user scalable on site making the indicator universal and independent of the transducer rating.

These displays are available from size 2 to 1ft of digit size. Displays are available in both indoor and outdoor usage with weatherproof enclosure.

Humidity Indicator

Humidity Indicators show the humidity in the ambient air or the area where the sensor is placed. These indicators are available with built in sensors or with external sensors. They are available in panel mount enclosures for industrial applications, in flameproof enclosure for process plants dealing with hazardous materials, in wall mount enclosures for laboratory or warehouse applications and in weatherproof enclosures for atmospheric measurements. These indicators are available in different sizes from 0.5 inches to 24 inches depending on requirement and application.

Temperature and humidity Indicator

Temperature and humidity are important parameters to be monitored in any industry. Temperature Humidity indicator combines both the displays in one allowing only one indicator to be used instead of two separate indicators. Indicator accepts input from RTD sensor or a combined temperature humidity sensor. The accuracy of the display is decided by the accuracy of the sensors. Sensor output can be in 4-20mA range or 0-1 V or 0-10 V range. These are also available in flame proof, weatherproof IP65 or wall mount enclosures. Sizes of display range from 0.5” to 12”. These displays are used in warehouses, pharmaceutical industries, laboratories, paper industries, cleaning rooms and many such industries.

Programmable indicator

In a plant there are many sensors used for measurement of various process parameters. Most common sensor output is 4-20mA. Programmable indicator offers a range programmable for 4-20mA input, making these sensors universal and usable with any kind of sensor on the field.

These indicators are compatible with different types of sensors like thermocouple transmitter, RTD transmitter, pressure sensors, humidity sensors, or electrical sensors. For panel mount applications, these displays are available in DIN enclosures. These are also available in flame proof, weatherproof IP65 or wall mount enclosures. Sizes of Display range from 0.5” to 12”. Full colour LED Display shows parameter value in Red or Green colour depending on whether the value is within set limits. It also shows parameter units in text format.